An Adventure Into the Computer

Join a very unlikely hero on his quest for saving his home and friends from viruses in a 2D top-down game made by Infinite Pixels.

  • Play as a cursor and face the threat of dangerous viruses invading your computer
  • Discover and explore levels inside a computer hardware like a CPU, a RAM card and a GPU while searching for imprisoned pc icons such as the Help icon, the Settings icon and the Bluetooth icon
  • Gain special abilities and solve interactive puzzles
So don’t hesitate and embark on a crazy adventure.

How to play?

You can download the beta here.


  • Use arrow keys for moving
  • Use E for dashing
  • Use space bar for shooting
  • Use R for the stopping time ability

Infinite Pixels Team

  • Lucie Laštovková (Lead Game Designer and Sound Designer)
  • Federico Sergio (Lead Programmer and Game Designer)
  • Martin Hahn (Graphic Designer and Animator)
  • Gregor Krmelj (Programmer)